‘Mundus imaginalis’ eller om Henry Corbins teori om den imaginale virkeligheten

«…the imaginal is everything that surpasses the order of common empirical perception and is individualized in a personal vision, undemonstrable by simple recourse to the criteria of sensory knowledge or rational understanding …It is often completely misconstrued through the habits of the rational mind, which identifies it simply with the unreal.» (Henry Corbin, 1997, p.87) […]

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s exile in Skjolden

The ‘Anachoretic’ pattern of withdrawal and return as a cultural self-technique «Throughout his life Wittgenstein showed the characteristics of a religious contemplative of the hermit type. Thus he alternated between periods of great prominence in academic life and periods of extreme abnegation and retirement…..”(Orbituary, Times 1951) “My hypothesis is that monkhood, i.e., the archetype of […]