On some basic rules for ‘deep’ walking and discovering the magic of the open road.

1) Teach yourself to walk purely for the sake of walking itself…genuine walking that has its own intrinsical sensousness and pleasures and is done only for the sake of itself…….and not for some other instrumental, social or practical reasons…..like sport or  exercise, health, sightseeing, excursions, recreation…and so on… 2) You should learn to walk as you feel like……a […]

A note on the forgotten art of human walking

“Walking is man’s best medicine.” (Hippocrates) To rediscover Walking First; let us do what Honore’ de Balzac told us to do; reflect on some small questions to prepare our thinking: What is walking? Why do we walk? What is the role of our mind and our body in walking? How shall we understand the importance […]