‘In the darkness of this time’ (L. Wittgenstein). Noen strøtanker om hva slags tid og tider vi lever i

“To Posterity” –  «Truly, I live in dark times! An artless word is foolish. A smooth forehead Points to insensitivity. He who laughs Has not yet received The terrible news.What times are these, in which A conversation about trees is almost a crime For in doing so we maintain our silence about so much wrongdoing! And he […]

Dante som psykolog eller hva møter man på den mørke veien til Paradiset

Med utgangspunkt i en presentasjon av Jennifer Doane Uptons bok: ’Dark way to Paradise. Dante’s Inferno in light of the Spiritual path.’   “To pass beyond the human state is not to be described in words”     Hvordan kan helvete være veien til himmelen? Dantes ’Inferno’ beskriver en vandring gjennom en mørkets underverden, men samtidig […]

Some personal notes on the writer Cormac McCarthy, his books and his ‘philosophy’

Written by Einar Lunga «I don’t intend my books for the generality of readers. I count it a mistake of our mistaken democracy, that every man who can read print is allowed to believe that he can read all that is printed. I count it a misfortune that serious books are exposed in the public market, like slaves exposed naked […]