Om å være eller bli seg selv. En personlig undersøkelse (2013)

«The edifice of your pride has to be dismantled. And that is terribly hard work.» (Wittgenstein, Culture and Value) “Who is entitled to write his reminiscences? Everyone. Because no one is obliged to read them. In order to write one’s reminiscences it is not at all necessary to be a great man, nor a notorious […]

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s exile in Skjolden

The ‘Anachoretic’ pattern of withdrawal and return as a cultural self-technique «Throughout his life Wittgenstein showed the characteristics of a religious contemplative of the hermit type. Thus he alternated between periods of great prominence in academic life and periods of extreme abnegation and retirement…..”(Orbituary, Times 1951) “My hypothesis is that monkhood, i.e., the archetype of […]