On some basic rules for ‘deep’ walking and discovering the magic of the open road.

1) Teach yourself to walk purely for the sake of walking itself…genuine walking that has its own intrinsical sensousness and pleasures and is done only for the sake of itself…….and not for some other instrumental, social or practical reasons…..like sport or  exercise, health, sightseeing, excursions, recreation…and so on…
2) You should learn to walk as you feel like……a sort of ‘pure’ personal walking.…perhaps even design your own ways of walking…begin to be a personal or individual walker..but for that you need to try different walking styles, times and settings for walking……and you should also try as often as possible to walk in a brisk and upright and determined style……so to put some engagement and intensity and enthusiasm into your walking…..
3) Sometimes you should walk until you and your body feel tired, very tired and maybe even exhausted…so to discover the deep and lasting influences what walking can have on all your bodily processes and your state of mind and emotions..…..
4) Walk often up to an hour……and sometimes also most of the day……and sometimes even day after day….as if there is no limit to the walking…..endless walking…walking as discovery…adventure….transcendence. Walking as liberation from being imprisoned in the solid chain of the here-and-now and everyday situations, moving further through life’s possible and unknown landscapes.
5) Walk as you like and feel; but also sometimes try fixed times or fixed places for walking…..morning walks can be good…evening walks in another way also…weekend walks and holiday walks, solitude walks or social walks, city walks or nature walks, walks in unknown places or repetetive walks on roads you can follow blindfolded.
6) Increase gradually your total walking time…..both every time you walk and altogether as part of your life; so that it can play an important and significant role among your life activities….
7) Sometime, try to walk together without talking……or other accompaning activities like taking photos……your mind should take part in the walking, from inside… walk slow..like a river flowing out of your inner self……or walk like you fly with wings on your feet, like the greek god Hermes…..
8) Other times, try dialogical walking, together with a friend or a lover, a son or a daughter..a father or a mother….taking turns, talking and listening through a flow of words between you…with care as you walk slowly and relaxed.. 
9) Walking can be used by you as your tool of transcendence and sanctification……in concert with imagination to open up reality towards the still-not experienced, the unseen and unlived and see the magic play of possibilities……walking the right way can help us step outside the prison and limits of our everyday consciousness, so that we can rediscover the wonder and mystery of life and living in the ordinary small everyday things and activities:
“In everyday life, sacredness appears in many shapes and forms, from the most magnificent aims to the seemingly most mundane pursuits. Almost any facet of life can become sacralized through a process of sanctification.”

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